Mostly Peaceful Occupiers Throw Bricks And Pipes From SF Rooftop

Funny how this seems to only be getting airplay in the San Fran area

Hundreds of protesters took over a vacant building on Turk Street owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco on Tuesday. One climbed to the roof, threw a brick that struck a man with a video camera standing in the swarm of police and demonstrators below.

Police arrested Jesse Nesbitt, 34, of San Francisco on suspicion of felony aggravated assault after he ran out the back of the two-story building at 888 Turk St. But they didn’t find another man who hurled metal pipes into from an adjacent rooftop.

There’s already been $25,000 in damage to the church.

“We are not the 1 percent. I don’t get it,” said George Wesolek, spokesman for the archdiocese. “I think it’s an indication of how confused the Occupy movement has become in terms of its goals and its focus.”

They don’t care. And as long as the “99%” put up with these hooligans, this is what will happen. 24 Occutards were arrested at the church. There were 23 arrests in Oakland. Business owners in the “trashed Mission district” want answers. The Occupiers and left side apologists simply blame this on “anarchists”, but, who do they think is attracted to the Occupy movement?

Over at the Jawa Report, we find “Funny, I’ve been to several Tea Party protests but never felt the need to bring weapons, bombs, or bags of shit. Maybe it’s just me…”

Newsbusters highlights the number of MSM outlets not mentioning the Occupy links for the 5 Occupiers arrested by the FBI who wanted to blow up a bridge.

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4 Responses to “Mostly Peaceful Occupiers Throw Bricks And Pipes From SF Rooftop”

  1. mojo says:

    Only a lad
    He really couldn’t help it
    Only a lad
    He didn’t want to do it
    Only a lad
    He’s underprivileged and abused
    Perhaps a little bit confused

    It’s not his fault that he can’t behave Society’s made him go astray
    Perhaps if we’re nice he’ll go away
    Perhaps he’ll go away
    He’ll go away

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Damn….. I think I split a nail.

    I’m sorry what? I wasn’t paying attention. I was listening to Obama tell me how great he is for saving America and spent $4 Trillion dollars to kill one man. Not quite believing him, but he looks sincere.

  3. Jimmy Martello says:

    There is nothing peaceful in attacking a church or church property of any denomination.

  4. […] William Teach noted that the story about the peaceful May Day protesters who (almost certainly accidentally) threw bricks and metal pipes at the crowd isn’t getting much play in the professional media outside of San Francisco, where the events occurred. […]

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