Apparently, Australopithecus Killed Gaia By Taking Unncessary Fossil Fueled Flights

Climate change (hoax) scientists predict the future by looking at the past, forget a pivotal question

(MSNBC) To figure out what is likely to happen to Earth’s climate this century, scientists are looking 3 million years into the past.

They have concluded that the most revealing slice of time is the Pliocene Epoch, a warm, wet period between 3.15 million and 2.85 million years ago, when the world probably looked and felt much as it does now. Global temperatures and the amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were similar to today’s climate, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Knowing more about the Pliocene is useful for climate modelers around the world who create sophisticated computer programs to simulate what global warming could bring to Earth.

OK, once you’re done busting a gut laughing at the “computer model” mumbo jumbo, I wonder if all these “climate scientists” can explain just what caused the CO2 and climate to be “similar” to today? You know, I simply assumed they would forget about this

But recreating ancient climate conditions has also given fuel to those who question human-caused global warming. In the Pliocene Epoch, there were no humans to spur carbon dioxide emissions, so the similarity in carbon dioxide levels between then and now points to natural causes, they say.

And that is all they will mention. No “hey, perhaps the Realists are right”.

The mid-Pliocene was about as warm as climate models predict it will be by 2100, or about 3.6 degrees F (2 degrees C) above current global mean temperatures, the Geological Survey said.

So, it was actually warmer than it is today, and the comparison is being made on the basis of reading a crystal ball? OK.

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