Bummer: Polar Bears Doing Just Fine

I’m wondering how Warmists will spin this

(Globe And Mail) Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers

The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a key part of northern Canada is far larger than many scientists thought, and might be growing.

The number of bears along the western shore of Hudson Bay, believed to be among the most threatened bear subpopulations, stands at 1,013 and could be even higher, according to the results of an aerial survey released Wednesday by the Government of Nunavut. That’s 66 per cent higher than estimates by other researchers who forecasted the numbers would fall to as low as 610 because of warming temperatures that melt ice faster and ruin bears’ ability to hunt. The Hudson Bay region, which straddles Nunavut and Manitoba, is critical because it’s considered a bellwether for how polar bears are doing elsewhere in the Arctic.

So, polar bears are doing fine? Hmph. That’s probably bad for the seal populations, so the Warmists will probably soon trot out a meme about seals being decimated due to starving polar bears, and bears are starving due to climate change. And there are too many bears because Republicans are against providing no-copay contraceptives to the bears. And Bush is a Republican, so it’s all Bush’s fault.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Polar Bears Doing Just Fine”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yeah, polar bear populations are fine.. but I’ve heard human deaths are climbing.

  2. Especially when too close to polar bears.

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