You Didn’t Walk To Work, So The Climate Of The Planet Might Soon Tip Over

Today’s doom story

(Sustainable Business) Scientists keep beating the drum, hoping the world will wake up to the fact that climate change is a real, non-partisan, non-advanced vs development country issue.

Dubbing the phenomenal recent explosion in human activity, “The Great Acceleration,” leading scientists say time is running out to minimize the risk of setting in motion irreversible and long-term climate change and other dramatic changes to Earth’s life support system.

If nothing is done, the world is on track for the worst predictions with temperatures set to rise by 6 degrees Celsius by 2100.

At the Planet Under Pressure Conference, taking place in London, 2800 scientists warn the earth is dangerously close to an irreversible tipping point.

Certainly, they wouldn’t take unnecessary fossil fueled flights to attend this conference, right? Plenary Speakers and Panelists:

  • Bina Agarwal, Delhi University, India
  • Yvo de Boer, KPMG, The Netherlands
  • Lidia Brito, UNESCO, France
  • Nigel Cameron, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, USA
  • Shobhakar Dhakal, Global Carbon Project, Japan
  • Sandra Diaz, Córdoba National University, Argentina
  • Will Steffen, Australian National University, Australia

And many from Brazil, more from the US (including all the way from California), there’s Sweden, Mozambique, Congo, Austria, Jordan, South Africa…and hey, there’s our good buddy Andrew Revkin from the NY Times. All these folks are taking some very long and certainly fossil fueled trips to tell us that CO2 from fossil fuels will make the climate hotcoldwetdry or something

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2 Responses to “You Didn’t Walk To Work, So The Climate Of The Planet Might Soon Tip Over”

  1. Trish says:

    Hahahahahaha, hotcoldwetdry, Hahahahahaha.
    Personally, I wouldn’t mind the fractional rise in temps, would prefer that to slipping into a mini ice age!

    These people don’t care about the planet; they care about their agendas and their pocket books- and they have invested heavily in Green everything. Everything they claimed about the Big Oil is actually true on their part with AGW agenda driven businesses as their golden calf.

  2. Exactly. The “environment” is a tool. Sure, many care about real environmental issues, just like Conservatives care. But, they so often use the issues to push their fascistic agenda, rather than attempting to actually protect the environment.

    Not that greenhouse gases would damage the environment. The most they can do would be to change it, as has constantly happened.

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