You Charged Your iPad, So Vampires Might Invade Texas

Vampire bats, that is

(The Daily Texan) With the emergence of warm spring weather comes the return of the Mexican Freetail bats under Congress Bridge and the remote possibility that a feared and foreign species of bat could make its way into Texas.

The increase in global climate temperatures has raised concerns about the vampire bat species travelling from Mexico and South and Central America into the southern and central regions of Texas. Carin Peterson, training and outreach coordinator of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, said even if vampire bats are not making their appearance, Austin’s surrounding caves and popular bat attraction, Congress Avenue Bridge, already have their annual bat species.

Everybody panic! Oh, wait

The possibility of these bloodsucking bats travelling into Austin and its surrounding areas, however, is not likely for many decades, said Mylea Bayless, conservation programs manager for Bats Conservation International in Austin.

Bayless said if the climate change models predict bats coming into Central Texas, it’s not likely these bats will set up shop in the city.

So, decades in the future, when no one will remember this carnival palm reader story, based on computer models, rather than real world data.

Anyhow, how, exactly, do they think life spreads around the world? It sounds more like Warmists believe in some sort of creation story, where life just sprang up to fill certain niches in certain areas, and that should never, ever change. Interestingly, the hairy legged vampire bat was first seen in Texas in……1967. During a cool period.

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  1. mojo says:

    Draculin? Really?

  2. Everybody panic?

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