AGW Today: Queensland Labor Party Destroyed

Why is this important? It was Leftists and the Labor Party in Australia which pushed all the globull warming rules, laws, and regulations

(Brisbane Times) Voters have emphatically ended Labor’s rule in Queensland, effectively reducing the trounced government to the status of minor party.

So comprehensive was the LNP election victory under Campbell Newman that Labor has been virtually erased from the Queensland electoral map.

The ALP looks likely to be reduced to just seven of parliament’s 89 seats. This would be four fewer seats than that won by One Nation in 1998.

How bad is the defeat?

(The Telegraph) With only enough MPs to fill a small van after Saturday night, Labor even fell short of the 10 seats needed for official party status.

The Telegraph goes on to point out that Julie Gillard’s party is pretty much over. The People of Australia did not want all the cap and trade regulations, they do not want their cost of living artificially increased for a fake issue, and do not want their lives impacted due to legislation passed by people who never live the same “carbon neutral” lives they legislate. And certainly not when the “solutions” would have zero impact, even if anthropogenic global warming was real.

As Steven Milloy points out

Politicians globally are likely to take this bloodbath as a warning – voters will not tolerate enormous and entirely pointless energy taxes imposed to “address” a problem which does not exist.

This is the beginning of the political demise of global warming, carbon constraint and energy rationing. Moreover voters have severely thrashed the anti-development Greens and obstructive environmentalism.

Anna Bligh, the leader of Queensland Labor, quit over this utterly humiliating defeat. This should be a wake up call for all those “well meaning” politicians around the world, and especially here in the USA: do not push your junk science on the People by law and executive fiat.

Make sure to read all of the links over at Milloy’s blog.


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4 Responses to “AGW Today: Queensland Labor Party Destroyed”

  1. Black Flag says:

    Make no mistake about this. Referendum or not, the Left, like the Devil, do not like being told ‘no’. They will come after the Australians with a vengeance for this outrage against their power grab.

  2. Rose says:

    Utterly Fabulous – what more needs to be said. Such an encouragement to my heart!

  3. The most amazing thing to me is that Lefties never seem to realize that these types of over-bearing, fascistic laws will apply to themselves, much like with Obamacare. The first time a liberals is fined/taxed for failing to get insurance, they’ll freak out.

  4. Rose says:

    Well, see they ALWAYS think THEY will get an exemption, and get the goodies for free, and it is only the folks they HATE that will have to pay. They have a strange optimism that way. The other amazing thing is they think the folks they mistreat with this fascistic treatment will ~see they have a really good heart~ and just love them for all this abuse.

    I talked to a couple of IRS agents one time who were part of the system who were looking for people to skin alive so they could “meet their quotas” even though their investigation showed the folks in question did not owe the taxes they were trying to strip the guys of. They were like, “yeah, but he won’t fill out our forms!” I told them, “don’t you think that when you come to town in a destitute part of the country in your very nice govt cars, and very nice govt suits, and expensive ways, and these folks know you have your own nice car at home, and nice large brick home in a very nice neighborhood – you don’t live like these people – but you think they should all be glad to pay more taxes than is right just so all you govt employees at even the lowest levels can live THIS HIGH above how these folks live? And it doesn’t bother you to come here and threaten to take all they own, all they need to take care of their families with, and throw them in jail – and it doesn’t cause you any… anxiety to treat these people you admit are honest, this way?”
    They literally looked at me with a blank stare and just said again, “well, they don’t want to fill out our forms.”
    I proceeded to berate them as hard as I could think of. They didn’t care. But I did it anyway. At least THAT pair has been told off. I sure am glad I am not the one they were after, though. They had the heart of lawnmowers.
    We all noticed that a couple of crooks in the area who had never paid what they owed, and robbed a lot of other folks in the process – literally embezzling them in bookkeeping – got one of those giant discounts you hear about from sleazy lawyer commercials. These guys were like – yeah they worked with us!

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