Obamanomics: US Poverty Rate Swells

How’s that hopey changey stuff working out for ya?

The ranks of America’s poor swelled to almost 1 in 6 people last year, reaching a new high as long-term unemployment left millions of Americans struggling and out of work. The number of uninsured edged up to 49.9 million, the biggest in more than two decades.

The Census Bureau’s annual report released Tuesday offers a snapshot of the economic well-being of U.S. households for 2010, when joblessness hovered above 9 percent for a second year. It comes at a politically sensitive time for President Barack Obama, who has acknowledged in the midst of a re-election fight that the unemployment rate could persist at high levels through next year.

The overall poverty rate climbed to 15.1 percent, or 46.2 million, up from 14.3 percent in 2009. The official poverty level is an annual income of $22,314 for a family of four.

Reflecting the lingering impact of the recession, the U.S. poverty rate from 2007-2010 has now risen faster than any three-year period since the early 1980s, when a crippling energy crisis amid government cutbacks contributed to inflation, spiraling interest rates and unemployment.

Guess which Party was in control of the Legislative branch for the entire time, and the presidency for half that time?

The median — or midpoint — household income was $49,445, down 2.3 percent from 2009.

So, this is what Obama and the Democrats policies have wrought. If they had simply said at the beginning of 2009 that they were simply going to keep things stable, not pass this and that legislation, and not propose or even discuss things that create consumer and private sector concern and uncertainty, the recession, which officially had ended in June 2009, would have melted away, and we would have been back on the road to prosperity. But, no, not only did they decide to avoid fixing the problems (such as Fannie and Freddie), they made things worse.

Of course, poverty in America isn’t exactly poverty in other countries. Heck, our poor are actually fat. Hot Air’s Tina Korbe deals with what poverty actually looks like. So, really, what we are looking at is people making less now than they used too. The Left will surely blame this on the evil rich, instead of the underlying boneheadedness of Democrat policies.

The Lonely Conservative has more, as does Doug Powers and Michelle Malkin.

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4 Responses to “Obamanomics: US Poverty Rate Swells”

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  2. captainfish says:

    40% of Millionaires have disappeared.
    @ 20% of people making over 200K have disappeared.

    nearly half-dozen “green energy” plants have shut down due to either no market for solar panels or high corn prices. How many have gotten millions of dollars in Fed & State loans?

    How many power plants have shut down due to the liberals’ EPA tyrannical actions?

    How many thousands of people are out of work, even after the Feds have given them millions and millions of our tax dollars?

    How many millions of people are still unemployed after the liberals have spent nearly $4 Trillion dollars in “stimulus” funding? Firemen, policemen, teachers, road workers??!? why do they need more !FED! stimulus to remain employed?

  3. Questionman says:

    Note the following, you horrible simpletons:

    -The poverty RATE – the much more meaningful measure – is not the highest it has ever been
    -Poverty estimates only go back to 1959, so these numbers do not, in fact, include the Great Depression, which is the actual all-time high for poverty in the United States.

    Hahaha wow, on an article saying that presently, one in five Americans is under the poverty limit, you guys are, in equal parts,

    1) Gleefully loving that fact because it makes Obama look bad, and
    2) Hating on poor people.
    3) Blaming Obama for this.

    You guys are officially the most disgusting pieces of humanity I’ve ever encountered. I hope this is all hyperbole and you don’t exist this way offline.

  4. captainfish says:

    Ok. What part of my comment, the only comment on this post for which to point a finger at… makes you think I hate the poor, gleeful that it makes obama look bad (which I am by the way), and blame Obama for this. ok, well, yeah, I do, but I didn’t say that in the comments above.

    How does defending the unemployed, desiring of more jobs, demanding lower taxes for everyone… lead you to believe I hate the poor?!?

    What part of my comment leads you to believe that our disgust of high taxation and higher unemployment and increasing poverty makes me a “disgusting pieces of humanity”?

    So, pushing for increased taxes, massive spending to the point of defaulting is a good and great person to you?

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