Clean Air Is Bad For Climate Change (Hoax)

Oh, dear: looks like we need to build a whole bunch of dirty coal plants…but, wait, they make globull warming worse…it seems that everything is bad for globull warming. Perhaps we just need to light off every nuke and just kill Mankind off

IT MAY seem perverse but cleaning up our air pollution problem is going to increase global warming. The cleaner the air over our cities, the more pronounced the warming effect, according to research.

An Irish scientist at NUI Galway originally initiated the research into how air pollution has a hidden beneficial side. It shows the haze that forms due to pollution, the tiny particles discharged by motor transport, and smoke from burning help to reflect back some of the solar radiation that is warming our climate.

If we manage to clean up the pollution we may also ramp up warming, said Prof Colin O’Dowd, professor of physics at Galway and also director of the Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies at the Ryan Institute.

Hey, we got that super scientific wordy “may”. But, then the science of globull warming breaks down

The results are shocking given their calculations on this masking, published yesterday in Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry. Cleaner air could increase average global temperatures by 1 degree globally and by between 2-4 degrees over Europe.

If it is global warming, then why are some places going to be much warmer than others?

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4 Responses to “Clean Air Is Bad For Climate Change (Hoax)”

  1. captainfish says:

    Seriously? A scientific paper reported on a “may” increase of a possible …. ONE degree?

    What was the significance?
    What was the amount of error?
    What was used to “KNOW” this level of increase?

    While I applaud this professor’s attempt at shedding some light on the impacts of “green air cleaning”, he is still a believer in cult of “AGW Alarmism” and with this study only shows his willingness to live in oblivion.

  2. Wait, you are asking for science. You know AGW isn’t about science. Sheesh!

  3. captainfish says:

    I know. BAD Cap’n!! Bad.

  4. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    Since it would increase the temperature in Europe more than the rest of the world, can we safely assume that European air is dirtier than the rest of the world?

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