We Need To Be Brainwashed To Tackle Climate Change (Hoax)

Ever notice that liberalism always requires a change of attitude, rather than Doing Something? And it seems to resemble fascist/communist attitudes? Why Climate Change Requires A Consciousness Change

Einstein famously said that we cannot solve problems with the same level of perception that created them. We have to step up to a higher and more inclusive level of seeing what is going on in order to understand and solve great challenges. Certainly climate disruption represents one of the greatest tests humanity has ever faced because it is a much higher level problem than the actions which have created it: countless local actions (driving cars, running factories, etc.) have produced global consequences that respect no national boundaries and that imperil our collective future.

Here is how James Speth, former head of the Council on Environmental Quality and a top Washington policy maker, describes the up-leveling of perception required: “I used to think the top environmental problems facing the world were global warming, environmental degradation, and eco-system collapse.. but I was wrong. The real problem is not those three items, but greed, selfishness and apathy. And for that we need a spiritual and cultural transformation.” The transformation that Speth speaks about is a shift to a higher level of attention and seeing the world from a more objective vantage point with a witnessing or reflective consciousness.

Silly me. I always thought that the best way to tackle climate change would be for the True Believers to put their money where they mouths are, and to walk the talk. Why don’t they ever do that? Why is it always about “spreading awareness” and indoctrination?

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3 Responses to “We Need To Be Brainwashed To Tackle Climate Change (Hoax)”

  1. captainfish says:

    driving cars, running factories…imperil our collective future.

    nope. nothing communistic there

  2. Of course not….you must be one of those right wing extremists, aren’t you 😉

  3. Word says:

    “””The real problem is not those three items, but greed, selfishness and apathy.”””

    This is very true. Its rampant today. But then if it was not rampant, 3/4’s of the world would not be capitalists and India, China and Russia screaming towards capitalism as fast as they can get there.

    The real fear by the envirowhackos is not global warming but running out of goods and services and foods. This is their real fear, that is why most of the envirowhackos are also population alarmists and birth control advocates.

    There is a consistent fear among these people that it will all get used up and that all their horrors will come to fruition.

    So in the end we must all return to the 60’s and the hippie movement. This generation from the 80’s onward has rebelled against the Hippie culture much as the hippie culture rebelled against the 40’s and 50’s culture who were coming off WW1, the great depression and WW2…an era which everyone was deprived, rationed or went without.

    Today we have everything….these envirowhackos want to return to a simpler time of rejection of “THE MAN” and a rejection of this greed and avarice.

    To do this they need a “CAUSE” that cause is Global Warming.

    And that is my Words of the day.

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