Employers Of Illegals Worried Laws Are Scaring Away Illegal Workers

Perhaps they could think about employing legal workers? The LA Times story starts out describing how a blackberry farm in Georgia need 100 more workers to help pick the blackberries, and it was Pedro Guerrero’s job to go find them. So, Dom Pedro, as he is known, reached out to all his contacts, leading to

Don Pedro — like farmers across Georgia — is worried that the state’s tough new immigration law, set to take effect July 1, is scaring away an illegal immigrant labor force.

Isn’t that the point? The story goes on and on and on about how difficult it is to do the job, and that there are few “whites” volunteering to work the fields, and how scared illegals are now.

At 7 p.m., Don Pedro was in Douglas at St. Paul Catholic Church, where an activist from the League of United Latin American Citizens was organizing a petition drive to demand that the governor repeal what she called a “racist” law.

The law, like others around the country, will force many employers to check potential employees’ legal status using the federal E-Verify database. It will also give police the power to check the immigration status of criminal suspects. On Monday, a federal judge in Atlanta will consider the argument of immigrant rights activists that the law is unconstitutional and should be blocked.

The activist said farm owners had signed on in solidarity against the law. Tonight, J.W. Paulk was the only farmer in attendance.

The Paulks have been talking about moving to less labor-intensive crops, or using a federal guest-worker program, a move they say will cut into their profits. For now, they need pickers.

Capitalism and profits are great things, but, they should be done in a lawful manner. If they have to use guest workers who came legally, fantastic. Otherwise, they are violating the law. The proper response is not to legalize the illegals, who will then, shockingly, demand more money to do the job, or move on to other work, but, to expand the guest worker program, with better checks and controls on the workers, just like they do in other countries. Also, how about using prison labor?

Meanwhile, Obama’s DHS has altered the Secure Communities act to ignore low level illegals and make it easier for them to stay in the country.

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One Response to “Employers Of Illegals Worried Laws Are Scaring Away Illegal Workers”

  1. captainfish says:

    Obama’s DHS has altered the Secure Communities act to ignore low level illegals and make it easier for them to stay in the country.

    That’s not just an Obama thang… this has been a favorite wish list of LIBERALS for decades. Cities (liberal) have violated federal law by setting themselves up as sanctuary cities.

    Was it chicago or indiana that, under a republican majority, allowed illegals to have in-state tuition. LIBERALS!!!

    First, what business do they have taking up slots that should go to legal residents!?!? And, how can someone who is not allowed to be in this country given in-state tuition?? When legal residents can’t?!?

    This coddling and law-breaking has to end.

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