Weiner Was Set Up!!!!!! Liberals Prove It!

So, the big story is that Joseph at Cannonfire has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Anthony Weiner was framed, and Case Closed!!!!!!1!!!!!

Folks, I need your help! Reader milowent offers the most intriguing possibility to arise out of this entire case:

easiest way to pull off this as a hoax would be if you knew weiner’s yfrog email address. email a blackberry pic to that email address with (@subject) in text and you’d create exactly what happened here.

would require no password hacking (you wouldn’t even need to know his password to do it).

the chance that somewhere along the way that weiners yfrog address had been leaked? pretty damn high. it would happen if weiner or an aide simply forwarded a pic he emailed to his yfrog account to anyone else (thus showing the yfrog email address in the chain).

And they played around with all this, but, there seems to be one little problem which no seems to have tried to replicate: the Tweet in question was directing that crotch shot directly to a specific follower, not as a general tweet.

The proofy screencaps of Joseph attempting to replicate how easy it would have been to add the crotch shot in fails to demonstrate the addition of someone else’s Twitter name.

Still, Gateway Pundit destroys CANNONFIRE’s (ever notice that Liberals love to name their blogs in all caps? Like they’re screaming all the time) narrative, and even Rachel Maddow agrees. Just One Minute piles on. As does Red State. And Jammie Wearing Fool writes

Let’s face it. Everyone on the planet knows what happened here. It’s just Weiner and his desperate left-wing blogosphere fanboys don’t want to admit it. Anything that in their minds that would ostensibly give the right a “victory” just cannot happen, and they’ll be happy to sacrifice every last shred of credibility to have their way

Were Weiner a Republican, he would have already been forced to resign. For myself, I could care less if Weiner tweeted a crotch shot to a follower. That’s his business, regardless of being a sitting Congress Critter. I really do not expect “better behavior” from a Congress-person. The fallout should be between he and his wife. All in all, this is no big deal, except in the notion that the MSM would have simply destroyed a Republican had one done this. There’s a true double standard.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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4 Responses to “Weiner Was Set Up!!!!!! Liberals Prove It!”

  1. Black Flag says:

    Cannonfire is desperate to get the Weiner out of his fix. Problem is, Cannonfire is wrong. And he can’t explain the following:

    High school girls
    Pictures of private parts
    Girls tweeting that the Weiner is their ‘boyfriend’
    200 followers on Weiner’s Twitter account, a disproportionate number of them are attractive young women, many of them comely, long haired brunettes
    The Weiner’s PR guy lies about the timeline of what happened
    The Weiner erases all evidence when hacking the account of a Congressman would certainly be investigated as a Federal crime
    Tuesday, the Weiner says he’s done talking about his weiner. Wednesday, he goes on a media blitz to talk about his weiner.
    The Weiner won’t admit as to whether he sent the lewd photo or not

  2. Kevin says:

    It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup.

  3. Word says:

    The “BIG WEENY” has become the spokesman for the angry progressive left. Remember the idiot from Florida that lost his job. He was so unremarkable I cannot even remember his name, but he came out and was the lead man for throwing stuff out there and dropping bomb after bomb.

    The “BIG WEENY” is leading the charge to have Justice Thomas recuse himself from hearing the Obamacare case which would force the court to leave in place the existing lower court decisions, while defending and deflecting Kagans not recusing herself even though she literally helped write the bill.

    This is not about saving the WEENYMAN but its about the greater good of preserving OBAMACARE through any means necessary.

    Progressive legislate and regulate and then let the US government defend their egregious agenda.

  4. captainfish says:


    Double standard smandard! Bah! The MSM has basically told us that there is no bias or intent to sway people one way or t’nother. And I certainly believe what I am told. I mean, why would they lie. It’s not like they can be proved false or misleading. It’s not like there is any other outlet out there that is pushing another line of thought. If the MSM tells me something, it must be true because I don’t want to do the research myself. And why should I because the MSM tells me the truth.

    Oh, I also believe in the absolute and positive moral authority of the current president.

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