Climate Change Now Messing With Ability Of Fish To Smell

Personally, I think they smell wonderful, with a bit of white wine, some garlic, a light bread coating,  pan fried….ummmmm…but, of course, that’s not what the alarmists are referring to

Climate change is affecting the ability of small reef fish to smell their predators and make a quick get away.

And while that might sound like a free lunch for species higher up the food chain, scientists fear it could ultimately lead to their demise.

James Cook University researchers have found ocean acidification is affecting the ability of small fish to find suitable habitat, and detect larger fish that want to eat them.
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They say declines in pH caused by the addition of carbon dioxide are to blame for the behavioural changes linked to sense of smell.

One has to wonder how fish survived when the atmospheric CO2 content was considerably higher, which leached into the seas, mostly due to dinosaurs driving vehicles powered by fossil fuels from previous denizens of the Earth.

Also, the alarmists are apparently trying the “ocean acidification” route again, as there are tons of stories. I guess “biodiversity” wasn’t working too well, nor was “food security.” Don’t worry, they’ll be back.

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5 Responses to “Climate Change Now Messing With Ability Of Fish To Smell”

  1. Don L says:

    Of course that would also mean that the predator would be less able to detect his prey – bringing the playing field level again.

    Who belives scientists anymore?

  2. gitarcarver says:

    You know, fish not smelling is a good thing. I mean, you bring them home in the car and it gives the car that funky smell and so you have to get one of those little paper pine tree things to hang from your mirror. That smell gets all over your hands and you smell like a log all day. It blocks your view and then you can’t see and you get into an accident and they take you away in one of those ambulance things. Your car with the fish will get towed and then that is when the fish really smell after three or four days.

    And don’t get me started on the way fish smell if you cook them in the house!

    I mean, what is up with that? You cook a fish and it stinks up the whole joint! Then when you eat the fish, ever get one of those little tiny bones caught in your throat? You spend the next 5 hours coughing like a cat hacking up a fur ball. You know, one of those disgusting furballs that has saliva and hair running all over it. That smells worse than the fish! So fish not smelling is a good thing.

    (Everyone should channel their inner Roseanne Roseannedanna once in a while.)

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  4. Don, Don, Don, you’re bringing adult rationality into the discussion. Tsk, tsk. You’re going to confuse the alarmists.

    LOL, GC!

  5. captainfish says:

    wait,… wait.

    Ok. I’m thoroughly confused.

    First, it was making them deaf. Now, the non-existant human-caused all-natural changing climate that species have lived, adapted or died through, is causing fish to lose their smell?

    THEIR SMELL???!?!?!?

    Are these even written in this universe any more? .. let alone fact checked?

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