You Go, Girl! Saudi Woman Knocks The Snot Out Of A Virtue Cop

Unsurprisingly, this story appears nowhere on any of the sites run by folks on the left, including all the rights and women’s rights groups, who have mostly ignored the plight of women in Muslim countries

It was a scene Saudi women’s rights activists have dreamt of for years.

When a Saudi religious policeman sauntered about an amusement park in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Al-Mubarraz looking for unmarried couples illegally socializing, he probably wasn’t expecting much opposition.

But when he approached a young, 20-something couple meandering through the park together, he received an unprecedented whooping.

A member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the Saudi religious police known locally as the Hai’a, asked the couple to confirm their identities and relationship to one another, as it is a crime in Saudi Arabia for unmarried men and women to mix.

For unknown reasons, the young man collapsed upon being questioned by the cop.

According to the Saudi daily Okaz, the woman then allegedly laid into the religious policeman, punching him repeatedly, and leaving him to be taken to the hospital with bruises across his body and face.

And, yeah, she could be in quite a bit of trouble if charged. The revolution has to start somewhere. Perhaps this could be the incident in which Muslim women around the world rise up and say they aren’t going to take it anymore? We can only hope.

Of course, like with Iran, Obama will probably decline to get involved, or even make a statement in support

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5 Responses to “You Go, Girl! Saudi Woman Knocks The Snot Out Of A Virtue Cop”

  1. Otter says:

    Well One thing can be said for certain: it sure as HELL wasn’t a liberal / leftist / socialist who taught her to defend herself!

  2. Exactly. But, it is the liberal’s namby pamby avoidance of women’s rights in Muslim countries that will enable her to be severely punished.

  3. Bunny Colvin says:

    Screech- what exactly did Great Emperor Bush do to improve womens lives in Saudi Arabia? W and his old man are closer to the Saudi royal family than any other American presidents in history. Yet I don’t remember either of them standing up for the women of the kingdom.

    Do you really think W would have “made a comment in support” of this woman? I kinda doubt it. Prince Abdullah probably wouldn’t want to hold his hand anymore.

  4. Trish says:

    I think REASIC is back, disguised as a Bunny!

  5. Bunny Colvin says:

    I don’t know who REASIC is, Trish. But I do know that Screech has shown (at best) a rather rudimentary understanding of the state of affairs in the middle east. I don’t know if he is a reader (doubtful) but to him I would recommend Secrets of the Kingdom by Gerald Posner and Quicksand: America’s Pursuit of Power in the Middle East by Geoffrey Warwo. It’s obvious he is proud that this blog is “banned in Red China”. And India for some reason. (India was a democracy last I checked, so I don’t know why he’d want to be “banned” from there). Perhaps he hates freedom. Or he’s down with ISI. Anyway, Posner and his book are banned in Saudi Arabia. And I’m sure certain sections of Quicksand will be censored in the Kingdom (among other places). So these guys are cool, right?

    What I’m saying is that Screech might want to get a little background on the ways of our great allies, the House of Saud. I doubt he’d be trying to blame this on Obama if he only knew what he was talking about.

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