The ACLU Is Whining Hard Over Bagram Air Base

Can someone PLEASE inform the ACLU that the “A” stands for “American”?

US authorities have released the names of 645 prisoners held at Bagram air base in Afghanistan in response to a freedom of information lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sought documents related to the detention and treatment of prisoners at the base.

The ACLU said vital details about the prisoners had been withheld.

Melissa Goodman, a lawyer at ACLU, said the publication of the names was “an important step toward transparency and accountability at the secretive Bagram prison”.

Could someone at the ACLU explain how, exactly, this has anything to do with “American civil rights?” Without all the roundabout Liberal Speak, please. But, here comes the kicker

But she said it was only a first step.

“Full transparency and accountability about Bagram requires disclosing how long these people have been imprisoned, where they are from and whether they were captured far from any battlefield or in other countries far from Afghanistan,” she said.

Why should she, and the ACLU, care? They aren’t Americans, they are Islamic terrorists. And, shockingly, the Obama admin is appealing a decision that would let those caught in countries other than Afghanistan to appeal, in U.S. court, their detention. Kudos to Obama for that stance. Seriously.

The ACLU is also whining about the search of laptops and mobile devices at the borders, often without reason (and because there might be racial profiling, ie, focusing on those from Muslim countries.) I agree that if the people are Americans, there needs to be a darned good reason to inspect, but, otherwise, they aren’t Americans, and must submit if they are attempting to enter our country.

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