Colorado Transportation Worker May Be Fired Over Mean Obama Picture

Warning to all: don’t send a mean email about Obama, because you may be labeled racist. Oh, and potentially fired

It’s a reminder that the emails you send at work, can sometimes come back to haunt you.

At least one Colorado Department of Transportation employee is being investigated for sending an inappropriate email featuring President Barack Obama and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

When we got our hands on the email Tuesday, we immediately contacted CDOT. (in other words, the newspaper ran like girly men to the CDOT. Imagine if the email was negative towards a conservative. Think they would have still contacted the CDOT? Yeah, I thought not)

They tell us at least one employee could be fired for this.

“We’re taking this very seriously,” said Mindy Crane, Spokesperson for CDOT.

The title of the email is “Picture of the year” and the photo of Obama and Palin inside may be considered as racially charged and offensive. (Everything is racially charged and offensive, per the left, when it makes fun of Obama)

The one liner in the email says “It appears he has found his niche,” referring to President Obama.

What is the photo?

I suppose, if one was an unhinged lefty, you could see racism. I’m sure Excitable Charles Johnson will have hissy fits and post one of his insane “why I left the right” whine-fests if he sees the story. What I see is Obama reduced to a job he is qualified for, because he is not qualified to be President of the USA. Heck, even Sheriff Joe Biden told us he wasn’t qualified.

What’s your opinion? Racist? Not racist? I will, say, though, that company email is not the appropriate venue for sending out pictures like that.

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3 Responses to “Colorado Transportation Worker May Be Fired Over Mean Obama Picture”

  1. Troy says:

    Content of the email notwithstanding, many larger corporations have strict policies against inappropriate use of email. Heck, at my company we can’t even sent out an email soliciting entrants into the March Madness office pool. Should the employee be investigated for sending out the picture? No. For inappropriate use of company email? Yes.

    Get a personal account and use that one for sending email.

  2. Can’t disagree with that, Troy.

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