Aww, RS McCain Made Excitable Andy Mad

Someone get Milky Loads a waaaaaah!-mbulance as he gives RS McCain a Malkin Award

“So whether or not Ken Layne is actually gay, there can be no doubt that Ken Layne is a vicious cocksucker,” – Robert Stacy McCain, a supporter of the genocideof Palestinians in Israel, in a blog-post that has to be one of the most single-mindedly bigoted diatribes I have read. And I’ve read a few.

Coming from someone whose brain has been addled by AIDS related dementia, the AIDS medicine, and all those steroids, someone who is the leading proponent of Triggerism, and just a complete batshit crazy wackjob moonbat (oh, and the Last True Conservative of the Last 500 Years!!!!!!), Stacy should take it as a complement.

Hell, remember, even Sully’s staffers think he is a fucking lunatic. If you want to know about Milky Loads (I don’t recommend it!!!), Patterico has the relevant links.

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