Might Saturday’s Tenor Change Obama’s View On Iran?

You know, it’s not so much that Obama is on the wrong side of history, regarding Iran. He’s on no side of history. Even the BBC is getting rather cynical vis a vis Obama’s reticence to become engaged

The White House has so far resisted calls to speak out more forcefully in support of Iranian demonstrators and shelve plans for a dialogue with Iran’s leadership.

But as reports of violent clashes between demonstrators and the feared Basij paramilitary forces emerged from Tehran, US officials said that a large-scale crackdown would change the tenor of statements coming out Washington.

If the violence, killing, burning of things, arrests, etc, don’t get him off his behind, nothing will. Oh, except

 President Barack Obama stands with daughters Malia Obama, 10, left, and Sasha Obama, 8, and orders frozen custard at The Dairy Godmother in the Del Ray area of Alexandria, Va., Saturday, June 20, 2009.

Well, that’s nice. But, see, there is a little problem. Things are happening in the world of importance, President Neophyte. Rather than a photo-op at the ice cream parlor (Patterico contrasts MSM tweets over this event vs. when an Iranian protester was shot dead), you might become a bit more engaged. You are The President now. Act like it.

Analysts and diplomats in the US have been exploring how President Barack Obama’s offer of engagement, combined with internal Iranian factors, may have contributed to the dynamic of events unfolding inside Iran.

In other words, like any good leftist, they are looking first to see if America was to blame. Which seems to be the opinion of Iran, as well, which blames the violence on Voice of America and the BBC.

Over the weekend, President Obama upped the ante ever so slightly as he warned Iran’s leaders that the world was watching.

Some folks thought Obama’s statement yesterday was fabulous!!!!, but, I thought it showed his neophyte status. Weird, agreeing with the BBC.

But, really, the BBC article seems to be pointing out that Obama wants negotiations with Iran too badly too make a strong statement. He wants his kumbaya, and doesn’t want to rock the boat. BushCo may have been belligerent (rightly so) against Iran, but, the British, French, UN, and other countries involved in talks about Iran’s nuclear aspirations weren’t. Look where it has gotten them.

I’ll repeat the question: if Iranian’s don’t want help from the world, then why do so many have English language signs? But, Obama will probably listen more to Ahmadinejad then anyone else, as he tells America and Britain to butt out. Notice how compassion and care for the downtrodden and those who want freedom disappears in the face of an ideological agenda?

Go Green!

BTW, some great Green emoticons here.

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3 Responses to “Might Saturday’s Tenor Change Obama’s View On Iran?”

  1. Vigilante says:

    Ahmadinejad is the main and immediate issue. His early departure would be just the first step in untying the knot in the Middle East. We must understand that Iranians want his ouster for reasons different than ours. (I am not especially hopefull.) With him gone, nuclear energy in Iran assumes a different profile.

    The optimal official American position is on the sidelines. Our new president has started the rebuilding of United States’ moral and political leadership after its demise during the Busheney years. But we have not yet restored that credibility. President Obama is a mature student of statesmanship who understands that his grasp should not exceed the reach of American foreign policy.

    But as Americans, we do not and should not remain on the sidelines. We need to demonstrate our active vigil and witness, together with the rest of the world, on a people to people basis. Technology permits and encourages that now, more than ever before.

  2. Sorry to say, Vigilante, but, not everything is George Bush’s fault. You can throw the left wing talking point out as much as you want, but, no matter how much Obama reaches out to Iran, they will bite that hand, as they have done to him time and time again.

    But, yes, we Americans should not remain on the sidelines. And neither should Obama.

  3. G says:


    “not everything is George Bush’s fault.”

    No, you’re right there. We can’t forget Cheney. Some of it is his fault too.

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