Holder Looks To Invent Charges Against Tiller Killer

So, let’s see: Attorney General Holder forces the dropping of all chargesagainst folks that were stone cold busted for violating the Voting Rights Act, but, is going to invent charges against abortion doctor George Tiller’s murderer, Scott Roeder

The U.S. Justice Department said on Friday it is launching an investigation into the murder of Kansas abortion provider George Tiller, who had been reviled by anti-abortion groups.

The Justice Department said it would investigate whether Tiller’s murder violated a 1994 U.S. law that establishes penalties for those who block access to abortion services.

Huh? Roeder is already stone cold busted and being charged with murder in Kansas, but, Los Federales want to get involved in any way they can. I’m not quite sure how it can be considered “blocking access for abortion services” – notice the in-Justice Department rarely ever does anything about liberals who block access to areas, such as when unions are striking – but they are sure going to try to get their hands on Roeder.

After the shooting, Attorney General Eric Holder directed agents to protect other abortion facilities.

Hmm, I don’t remember Holder directing agents to protect people who worked for companies like AIG and Citi back a few months ago who were getting death threats, not to meantion threats from sitting elected officials like Barney Frank and Andrew Cuomo. Over to the DU

annabanana Glad to hear it. This was no “lone wacko”. This guy was working for those who are willing to kill to impose their religious beliefs on others.

Funny how liberals weren’t so bothered by casually discussing death for people who got their legally entitled bonuses while working for companies that took bailout money (doesn’t mean I like that they got bonuses, but, the law is the law.)

Ocracoker16 Unfortunate that someone has to die in order to get an investigation by the DOJ. I hope that this investigation helps them to see that there are plenty of highly dangerous groups out there that are producing murderers like Scott Roeder. It shouldn’t take very long for them to figure out that the murder of Dr. Tiller wasn’t an isolated event.

Really? There have been 6 abortionists murdered since Roe v. Wade was ruled on, including Tiller. There have been other attempts, assaults, and property damage. There has been more violence perpetrated by ultra-left wing Environmental Liberation Front (not to mention other left wing groups) then any anti-abortionists. Heck, President Obama’s buddy William Ayers was part of a group that rioted, blew things up, smashed property, firebombed, etc, which resulted in hundreds of injuries, including to police officers. The only reason the Weather Underground had a tiny death count was incompetence. Cause they sure tried.

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3 Responses to “Holder Looks To Invent Charges Against Tiller Killer”

  1. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    From a resident of Wichita, Kansas.
    At least with the state charges being prosecuted by Nola Foulston, the Sedgwick County DA, we can expect results. She is a democrat but is one that does believe in the law. With holder and company in on the case, it will turn into a circus.
    In this Old Seadog’s view, the federal statute is not in play because it occurred away from the facility. It happened in the man’s place of worship. It was a pre-meditated murder of one human being by another. I make no bones about the fact that I considered Tiller’s line of work a very horrible thing. But I still have faith in the legal system, no matter how subverted it has become with the likes of AG holder and his gang.

  2. Duncan says:

    I think its funny how the “progressives” have a problem with the “forcing of ones religion on others” in this case, but the case of a rabid new-convert to Islam gunning down American servicemen apparently doesn’t fall into such a category in their eyes eh…

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Glenn. It would be funny (not ha ha funny, of course) if Holder got involved, and blew the prosecution, and this stone cold killer walked.

    Heck, Duncan, we had President Obambi talking about allowing Muslim law in the USA the other day. The GOP best step up for 2010 and 2012.

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