Darwin Award Fail

You know your life really sucks when you can’t even commit suicide correctly

A man plunged 180 feet over Niagara Falls and survived – but then fought rescuers as they pulled him from the icy water.

The man was taken semi-conscious to a Canadian hospital, where he is being treated for hypothermia and a major gash to his head.

But he nearly evaded rescue altogether, swimming away from rescuers and even climbing back out of a helicopter sling, apparently determined not to be thwarted in a suicide attempt.

The man had no barrel, no life jacket, nada. Hit the link for photo goodness.

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2 Responses to “Darwin Award Fail”

  1. manbearpig says:

    That reminds me of a youtube clip I saw about a year ago. It was a live news feed from, based on the clothing, the early 80s, of a guy doing a story from the edge of the river just above the falls. As he is doing his report, over his shoulder some dude jumps into the river to end it all. Very freaky.

    I am just amazed that the dude survived the fall. Actually, when you think about it, global warming must have saved him. With the rising level of the water, the fall wasn’t as high.

  2. I remember that vid. Definitely freaky. I think it was part of a Nat Geographic special, or some similar channel, on the falls.

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