Obama Hates Britain, But Loves The Queen

You can expect Obama to spend more time on his gift for the Queen, and I bet he wants the photo ops

President Obama is expected to be granted an audience with the Queen when he comes to London next month for talks on global efforts to tackle the recession.

Such a move would be unusual, since President Obama will be in London not on a state visit but for a meeting with leaders of leading industrialised countries, the so-called G20.

The Queen is said to be keen to see Mr Obama, having met ten of his predecessors. The only man to have occupied the White House during her reign whom she did not meet was Lyndon B. Johnson.

Plans are being discussed for President Obama to be granted an audience at Buckingham Palace on April 1, the day before the conference formally begins. The President’s visit to London, and the G20 summit, are central to Gordon Brown’s plans for responding to the recession.

Hmm, April 1st? Would the Queen……na, she’s a classy lady, who knows the proper protocol on how treat visiting leaders. But, let’s ask Iain Martin what he thinks

But what’s this? Something, suddenly, seems to have made the Obama White House perk up and start to take an interest in the Brits. The Queen has invited the President to tea when he’s here for the G20 in April. And he’s in through the front door of Buckingham Palace faster than a Harley Davidson roaring along Route 66.

Note how the coolness of Team Obama disappears when a bit of regal glamour is introduced into the equation. He might not like the Brits, but he can recognise a global superstar when he encounters one. He wants to be associated with her. He’s shameless.

Memo to Team Neophyte: I seriously doubt the Queen will allow the telepromptors in the Palace. Also, try not to do something stupid which will tick off our British allies even more, ‘K?

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