Yeah! Yeah! The First 60 Stimulus Jobs Are Here!

The seas are going down, unicorns are breakin’ pine scented wind, and heart shaped flowers are blooming

President Obama said Tuesday that the country already is “seeing shovels hit the ground” on the first infrastructure repair project funded through the Transportation Department’s share of the $787 billion stimulus bill.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said, “The work begins today in Montgomery County, Maryland, where a work crew is starting on a project to resurface Maryland State Highway 650 — a very busy road that has not been fully repaired in 17 years.”

He said the project will support 60 jobs. “And that’s how we’re going to get the country back on its feet,” LaHood added.

Alright! Everyone who used to work for Circuit City, Pfizer, Macy’s, and Microsoft, get ready. What? You don’t know how to lay asphalt and drive dump trucks? You don’t know how to work a grader? You don’t have the types of clothes and boots necessary? Tough. Obama said some roads need a fixin’.

Mark Compton, director of government affairs for American Infrastructure, said his company received $2.1 million in federal funds, by way of the Maryland State Highway Administration. (snip)

He said he hopes the workers can be retained beyond this six-month project. “We’ll continue to bid, so the goal is to get more projects to keep those guys working, so they can roll off that project onto another.”

Ah. So, that is how it works. Basically, temporary jobs. Remember when Democrats railed against the jobs created while Dubya was President, saying they were not good jobs? That the pay was low and the jobs were often short term?

To steal Allahpundit’s schtick, exit question: who do you think is going to be hired for all these infrastructure projects, guys and gals who know what they are doing, and are often migrant workers, or previous white collar workers who will keel over in 90 degree temps working with hot asphalt (like I would)?

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