NY Times Orgasms Over Barry In Iraq

They are just gushing like a schoolgirl. You can hear the tittering in the newsroom. Take a few deep breathes, Grey Lady – For Obama, a First Step Is Not a Misstep

The Iraqi government on Monday left little doubt that it favors a withdrawal plan for American combat troops similar to what Senator Barack Obama has proposed, providing Mr. Obama with a potentially powerful political boost on a day he spent in Iraq working to fortify his credibility as a wartime leader.

First of all, Barry has been proposing his 16 month timetable to be implemented immediately for years. He has been pushing for “redeployment” for years. Second, where has the Times been in saying that McCain has a potential political boost due to The Surge pretty much being a total success, you know, that thing Barry was totally against? Oh, that’s right, the Times can’t do that. Heck, they refuse to even print McCain’s op-ed in response to Barry’s. No bias.

After a day spent meeting Iraqi leaders and American military commanders, Mr. Obama seemed to have navigated one of the riskiest parts of a weeklong international trip without a noticeable hitch and to have gained a new opportunity to blunt attacks on his national security credentials by his Republican rival in the presidential race, Senator John McCain.

Excuse me? A few days traveling in Iraq and Afghanistan, staying pretty much in completely safe areas, rather then ones which might be a bit dicey – but still safer then Camden, N.J. and parts of Washington, D.C. – does not give him his street cred in national security, particularly when he has been calling for defeat for years, and is now trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of success. Maliki knows that the troops can start leaving soon, based on what is actually going on; Barry just wants to leave. To paraphrase Joe Lieberman, Barry wouldn’t even be able to make these pronouncements (or, is that Commandments?) without the Surge as John McCain pushed.

Mr. McCain is hardly conceding the point. He continued to hammer away at Mr. Obama’s judgment on national security, saying on Monday that Mr. Obama had gotten it badly wrong when he opposed sending additional American troops last year to help stabilize Iraq. Republicans said Iraq would never have reached the point where it could reasonably call for a reduction in the American presence without the troop increase, a policy championed by Mr. McCain over the objections of Mr. Obama and most other Democrats.

“The fact is, if we had done what Senator Obama wanted to do, we would have lost,” Mr. McCain told reporters in Kennebunkport, Me. “And we would have faced a wider war. And we would have had greater problems in Afghanistan and the entire region. And Iran would have increased their influence.”

Barry will probably just say McCain is old and deluded, and throw out the old “Iraq was a distraction from the actual war on terror.” Barry has been yammering about more troops in Afghanistan to attack the Taliban. Correct me if I am wrong, but, isn’t that a distraction? After all, it was NOT the Taliban who attacked us on 9/11, but al Qaeda, using parts of Afghanistan as a base, along with countries all over the world.

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2 Responses to “NY Times Orgasms Over Barry In Iraq”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Sorry but you have to understand all of the cool kids want to read about Obama ! and that helps the NYT to sell more papers. Only the loser kids like McCain and no one wants to read about him. You can read about McCain in the New York Sun, but that paper has a circulation of only about 25,000

  2. manbearpig says:

    But wasn’t Barry against the surge? The surge worked. That means supporters of the US troop surge = winners, Barry and others who opposed the troop surge = losers. Ergo, the “cool kids” who want to read about Barry are losers. Last time I checked, losers weren’t cool, they were LOSERS.

    Then again the losers always thought they were the cool kids, which is why they were losers.

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