Mo Dowd: Where’s Ur Funny Bone, Barry?

To follow up with my earlier post, you just know it is getting bad when the Left Wing Queen Of Snark, Mo “woo woo woo woo woo” Dowd, takes of bit of Barack Obama. NYT – May We Mock, Barack?

At first blush, it would seem to be a positive for Obama that he is hard to mock. But on second thought, is it another sign that he’s trying so hard to be perfect that it’s stultifying? Or that eight years of W. and Cheney have robbed Democratic voters of their sense of humor?

John McCain’s Don Rickles routines — “Thanks for the question, you little jerk” — can fall flat. But he seems like a guy who can be teased harmlessly. If Obama offers only eat-your-arugula chiding and chilly earnestness, he becomes an otherworldly type, not the regular guy he needs to be.

Bring it on, Ozone Democrats! Because if Obama gets elected and there is nothing funny about him, it won’t be the economy that’s depressed. It will be the rest of us.


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3 Responses to “Mo Dowd: Where’s Ur Funny Bone, Barry?”

  1. Carl says:

    Barack Obama — thin-skinned.

    Remember several months ago when someone made fun of his ears and how he went ballistic over it?

    Hey, Obama, get used to it! You ain’t gonna get a free pass for four whole years if you get to the Presidency. You think making fun of your ears is bad? You think that satiric cover is bad? You ain’t seen anything yet, kid.

  2. The funniest thing is that it was Michelle Obama, then Mo Dowd, who brought the ears thing up.

    And remember when Michelle O. said that her husband was “stinky?”

  3. manbearpig says:

    He looks stinky. Plus, he is still a heavy smoker isn’t he? Think of that… BO + ash tray = puke!

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