Politics Vs. Patraeus

New vid from the RNC

WASHINGTON – Today the RNC released a new Web video, titled “Politics vs. Petraeus.” The video highlights Senators Clinton and Obama’s politicization of the War on Terror and complete disregard for the facts and the warnings made by General David Petraeus during his last congressional hearing on September 11, 2007.

After consistently promising to “always listen to our commanders on the ground,” Barack Obama has blatantly ignored Gen. Petraeus’ recommendations and pledged to enact an immediate and dangerous withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq if elected President. And despite warnings from Gen. Petraeus that “a premature drawdown of our forces would likely have devastating consequences,” Senator Clinton has promised to begin a precipitous withdrawal of American troops within 60 days.

Now, if they would only get it out on TV.

More: today’s Liberal Idiot of the Day award goes to the Wonk Room at Think No Progress

Neocons Preparing The Ground For Petraeus Testimony By Hyping Threat Of Iran

When Liberals pull out the “neocons” garbage, you know they have already lost the argument on fact, and are now simply going for feelins.

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3 Responses to “Politics Vs. Patraeus”

  1. manbearpig says:

    I for one an extremely offended by the term “neocon”.

    I think that by using that particular word they (the left) are hoping to evoke feelings of terror from people. When I first heard the phrase I immediately thought of neo-nazis and wondered if the right was now being equated somehow to the beliefs and ideals espoused by Hitler and his ilk.

    But of course that couldn’t be because the Democrats are the party of inclusion… they don’t hate.

  2. Boomer says:

    I am just waiting to see what the left wing loons do tomorrow. It should be quite a circus. In particular, I am waiting to see what the code pink folks come up with.


  3. I understand how you feel, manbearpig. It used to bug the hell out of me, too. Then, after long discussion, I realized that the Leftards had absolutely no idea what the term actually meant, but was simply using it in place of calling those of us on the right “assholes.”

    When we call them liberals or progressives, we do not mean it as a nice descriptor, but, we understand what it means. They have no clue about neocons, especially that it is a shortening of the term neo-conservatives, which in itself came about to distinguish our beliefs, which are actually classical liberal (free markets, low government, government out of our private and business lives, open and fair elections, etc), from their neo-liberal (at the time this meant the socialism democracy model).

    Sorry about the short lecture. I so rarely get to use that old poli sci stuff 🙂

    They will surely make asses of themselves tomorrow, Boomer. I’m sure they know that people will be watching, especially after the last go round, but, they just will not be able to help themselves from going moonbatus.

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