Road Rage

Well, not really rage. I mentioned Raven’s post on road rage II in my Pinup post earlier, and, serendipitously, I ran into a brand new reason to honk my horn.

For those of you who do not have them or are unfamiliar with the South, we have turn lanes on a good chunk of our roads. Essentially, these are just a lane between the two driving lanes that allow people to get the f*ck out of the way so that traffic can continue. And not just at big intersections, but for side roads and such. They really didn’t have anything like that where I grew up in New Jersey, nor most of the places I traveled to in NJ. Except at some signal lights and stop signs.

So, I am sitting at a stop sign, waiting to turn left. Lady gets in the turn lane to make a left hand turn onto the road I am on. She is yapping on her Nextell (you can always tell.) Here comes a break to turn for her…..nope. Another. Nope. Another. Nope. She had 4 chances to turn, but, she was yapping too much.

So, I did something I rarely do other then as to say “hey” to some people I know. Honked the horn. Turn, beeatch! And get off the f*cking walkie talkie.

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2 Responses to “Road Rage”

  1. John Ryan says:

    because of course your time is so precious How dare she take an extra minute away from you !!

  2. Suzan Smith says:

    You’re right.
    I see that all the time…..
    They’re slower than everyone else to go thru a green light and drive 5 to 10 MPH Below the speed limit.

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