DU: What’s Wrong With That Nice Iranian President Visiting The WTC?

Yes, it is another dumpster dive day. You just knew there had to be something good involving Ahmadinejad and those peaceful Iranians, right?

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annabanana-IRAN did not attack us on 9/11 !!!

I can’t believe that the media is getting away with PUNKING us again in the exact same way!! Why shouldn’t Ahmadinejad lay a wreath for the 9/11 victims? Iran held candlelight vigils in Tehran when the attack happened.

OH.. and BY THE WAY you miserable warmongers, the IAEA says that Iran is complying with all verification requests, and inspection requests. .(Just like Iraq did.. remember?)

We can’t let the media get away with this again!!!

  • Sadie4629 – Because it’s really in poor taste if nothing else. (included because of the reply)
  • Solon – Why? They lost people that day too…Why can’t they honor their own victims at the site in which they died, if nothing else?
  • 5X – What is in poor taste? Honoring the dead? Bigoted much?
  • annabanana – Exactly right. After the ways in which we’ve screwed Iran (google peacock throne) We are in no position to continue the irresponsible lying.

So, the path seems to be that because a few Iranians were killed (and they were certainly of Iranian desent, not people who actually wanted to live in the totalitarian nutjob, terror and sharia supporting country), we should allow Aminutjob to lay a wreathe at the WTC. No, really!

NNN0LHI Iranian citizens were killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11 (followed by a list of the dead by country, but no mention of how many. Have been surching, but, not finding a number)

  • annabanana – It is ASTOUNDING what the media is pulling on the American people A.G.A.I.N.

    Pay attention folks:
    This is the way to Bomb Iran,
    Bomb Iran, Bomb Iran
    This is the way to Bomb Iran
    Early in the Morning

  • madrchsod – this is one thing that really pisses me off every time this they attacked "us" bullshit comes up. the reason the world was on our side that day was because there were people from all over the world that died that day. but we as a nation and our scummy politicians decided that no one else but americans died that day. i bet at least 90% of the people think that only americans died that day. how many homeless and "illegal" workers died that day,of course we will never know.

    oh yes, the biggest out pouring of sympathy in the middle east was from the iranian citizens and now there is talk of bombing them back into a third world country like iraq? what the fuck did these people do to us?

  • Nutmegger – Sending this to the greatest…

And where would we be without some good old fashioned Jew hatred, combined with the love of Iran?

bemildred – Gillermann implores U.S. to prevent Ahmadinejad visit to UN

Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman has urged the U.S. administration to deny the participation of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the opening session of the United Nations 62nd General Assembly next week in New York City.

"It is the obligation of the American legal authorities to prevent his entrance into the United States and if he does enter, to arrest him and try him for incitement to genocide and aiding and abetting terrorists who kill American soldiers in Iraq," Gillerman told Haaretz

  • Richard D – Would that be legal? Not that illegal would stop them.
  • Hardrada – More Israeli propaganda!. Let the guy speak. Chavez spoke at the UN for God’s sake and no ill resulted. Does it have to 100% Likud 100% of the time?
  • Up2Late – Hey Gillerman, Shut up! Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is no more crazy or blood thirsty or a religious fanatic than your buddy "president" George W. Bush. They are nearly exactly the same type of politician, just different religions!

    So if we block Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to be "fair and balanced," the UN would also need to block George W. Bush and then, while they are at it, your President or your Prime Minister and then the President or PM of Syria, etc., etc….

  • Hulk And just who the f*ck does Gillermann think he is?? We have already insulted this man by restricting a head of state from paying respect to Ground Zero. Get real!! This is a country that mourned for our loss…before bozo referred to them as "the axis of evil". What a bird brain for a preznit we are stuck with. (we have the moonbat of the day winner!)
  • Warren Stupidity Ahmadinejad is the head of state of a sovereign nation. He has the right, by treaty, to travel to and from the UN under full diplomatic immunity. This has nothing to do with what anyone thinks of Ahmadinejad, it is a simple matter of respect for international law. (you mean like that Non-proliferation treaty Iran is ignoring?)
  • leftchick Iran isn’t the country inciting genocide Israel and proven genocider the USA are.

But, no, do not question their patriotism or their resolve against terrorists and those who would seek to destroy America.

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    Now this is interesting … the Senate voted on whether or not to support General Petraeus, our commanding general in Iraq during a time of war, they had to actually take a vote on whether or not to support him. They voted to support hi…

  2. jonathan says:

    des nijas des armes et totre chose

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Hey Frenchie…Adolf Hitler personally VISITED Paris for quite awhile, oui monseur!!! France epitomises the term SURRENDER MONKEYS. – Frenches Mustard Is Yellow 2007

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