How Nutters Celebrated 9/11

Check the incredulous and disgusted looks on the faces of people in the background when the orange dude goes on his rant, about mid-way through.

Via Blogs for Bush

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4 Responses to “How Nutters Celebrated 9/11”

  1. beth says:

    Well, aren’t they just sumpthang. If only they had the guts to do that kind of demonstration in … say … Cuba or Iran or Venezuela or North Korea. Naw … people actually have to have courage to stand against real fascists. Its much safer to play act protesting in the United States where there are no consequences for it.

  2. nuke says:

    this video quickly puts me in touch with my inner redneck.

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  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    100% correct Beth. I was fortunate to fly on missions in war & peace from 1983-1997, and walked the streets of Moscow IN the Soviet Union on crew rest. You could see, taste and feel communism and its Godlessness. These code pinkos and nutwork secular freaks don’t deserve the freedom(s) that they have! You’re right – let Stalin, Castro and Saddam Hussein deal with the Woodstock II / Make Love Get Clap dung!

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