Dem Corruption? What Corruption?

Hey you! Stop looking at that!

New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine on Thursday held firm against demanding immediate anti-corruption action a day after a Democratic senator dropped a re-election bid amid a federal investigation.

Republicans have demanded Corzine use his authority to force the Legislature into session to enact ethics overhauls, but Corzine, a Democrat, has refused.

Today’s Democrat Party: see no corruption (among themselves), hear no corruption (among themselves), take no action against corruption (among themselves.

"I think that is better done not a month and a half or two months in front of an election where people are really going to make it a political football," Corzine said. He discounted thoughts that legislators will be less motivated to approve reforms after elections.

Is he in the same party as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? Of course, considering that those nailed in that federal sting were all democrats, I can see why he wouldn’t want that brought up.

Should I delve into Corzine’s own potential corruption? Na, you know how to use Google.

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    …Hsu, Sandy Burglar Berger, William ‘Cold Cash In The Freezer’ Jefferson, etc!

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