Cape Wind Opposition Hurt Senator Swimmer

Ooooooh, the chance to combine climate change with Ted Kennedy! Irresistable! (From Real Clear Politics via Michelle M)

Once upon a time, Ted Kennedy could count on his daily dose of veneration. The right wing hated the Massachusetts Democrat, but progressives honored him as a defender of old-school liberalism.

In a remarkable turnaround, liberals are now heaping scorn on the 73-year-old senator. Young audiences boo at his name, and the leftish "Daily Show" on Comedy Central makes fun of him.

The source of unhappiness is Kennedy’s efforts to kill an offshore wind farm on Nantucket Sound. Cape Wind was to be the first such project in the United States and a source of pride to environmentally minded New Englanders. Polls show 84 percent of Massachusetts residents in favor. But now it appears that America’s first offshore wind farm will be near Galveston, Texas.

I’ve actually mentioned the Cape Wind Project many times. Personally, I am all for this kind of energy production method, as well as other alternative ones. Not because of global warming as caused by Man, mind you, but because we need to ween ourselves off foreign oil, and use more sustainable methods that have a lower impact on the environment. Ted hates it because it impacts his boating area. I wasn’t aware that walrus’ could work a gib.

Many folks do support this precisely because it would reduce mans carbon footprint. Whatever. It is stil a good idea, but, because of, as Michelle calls him, Senator Windbag, as well as some others, including a few Republicans, it is nowhere close to being complete, or even implemented.

Kennedy, however, remains the central focus of ire. Greenpeace has just launched an anti-Kennedy, pro-Cape Wind television ad campaign.

The nation is watching as Senator Kennedy and Representative Delahunt continue to oppose Cape Wind, America’s first off shore wind farm and a project that over 80% of Massachusetts residents support. This project will reduce global warming pollution and create jobs in Massachusetts. It’s obvious by opposing Cape Wind, Senator Kennedy (D-Mass) and Representative Delahunt (D-Mass) aren’t serious about addressing global warming and energy independence.

I find Greenpeace to be crazies who give the environmental movement a bad name, what with all their over the top actions and rhetoric, but, even a broken clock is right twice a day, as the saying goes. Kudos for them for taking Sen Kennedy on.

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