Praise A Terrorist? Get Sued

This should generate some protests and petitions from the Leftards

French actress Fanny Ardant is being sued by the son of a former Italian policeman killed by the extremist Red Brigades group in the 1970s.

The actress sparked a controversy when she told an Italian magazine she considered the jailed founder of the Red Brigades her "hero".

She has since apologised for causing offence but the policeman’s son, Piero Mazzola, has said that is not enough.

In Italy it is illegal to praise someone who has committed a crime.

Ardant said she admired the founder of the Red Brigades group, Renato Curcio, because he had never abandoned his leftist ideals, adding she "considered the Red Brigades phenomenon to be very moving and passionate".

I don’t agree with the law, but, hey, it’s Italy.

This is typical conduct of those on the Left. They praise people who deserve to be in jail, simply for their political stances.

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