Chavez Blames US For…..

You are going to love this!

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia — An $800,000 scandal is embarrassing the governments of Argentina and Venezuela, where President Hugo Chavez is trying to pass it off as a U.S. plot to undermine increasingly close ties between the two countries.

He sounds just like any American Democrat, eh?

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2 Responses to “Chavez Blames US For…..”

  1. Nathan Tabor says:

    Chavez is always good for a laugh. Of course, what’s more ridiculous than the guy who managed to squander Venezuela’s economic future by running their economy into the ground in the name of socialism? What a dinosaur. In 5 or 10 years, Brazil will be the model that everyone in South America emulates. Chavez represents the other kind of model…the kind to which people will refer to when they say, “Don’t do what this guy did.”

  2. Interestingly, many of the DUer’s are actually coming to realize that Chavez is not a good person, not a role model, and is actually a meglomaniac bent on being a dictator.

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