Global Warming Today: Kyoto BAD For The Ozone

Can I get a really, really, really big "snicker"?

The biggest emissions-cutting projects under the Kyoto Protocol on global warming have directly contributed to an increase in the production of gases that destroy the ozone layer, a senior U.N. official says.


In addition, evidence suggests that the same projects, in developing countries, have deliberately raised their emissions of greenhouse gases only to destroy these and therefore claim more carbon credits, said Stanford University’s Michael Wara.

Get out of here!

Kyoto is meant to curb emissions of the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, but is undermining a separate pact called the Montreal Protocol, meant to phase out gases which harm the earth’s ozone layer.

You don’t say!

At the heart of the clash is a carbon trading scheme under Kyoto, worth $5 billion last year, whereby rich countries pay poorer ones to cut greenhouse gas emissions on their behalf, called the clean development mechanism (CDM).

Scheme is a good word. You know, like how it is used and percieved in "pyramid scheme." It is just the same ole’ same ole’, whereby all those who believe in global warming as caused by Man are simply playing games to allow them to continue to churn out the CO2 they claim is causing global warming as caused by Man, rather then changing the way they operate.

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One Response to “Global Warming Today: Kyoto BAD For The Ozone”

  1. Stacy says:

    Well, since so many are secular now, that inherent faith we are all born with had to be put to use elsewhere. Lesson to the kiddos: False religions are based useless documents and lying leaders. Jim Jones anyone? Anyone?

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