How About Those Bridges, NC?

After hearing a bit of Hannity, and a caller talking about the worst bridge in North Carolina, I went a-searchin’, since the caller did not say which one it was. What I found

Which bridges are considered the worst in North Carolina? AAA Carolinas has complied a list.

Here are the top five for 2007:

1. Interstate 40 Business bridge in Forsyth County (Winston-Salem) that passes over State Route 4315 ranks as the state’s worst substandard bridge, according to AAA Carolinas. The 52-year-old bridge, which carries 476,000 vehicles a week, is scheduled to be replaced in 2013. (find out more, and see a picture of the bridge over at The Seventh Sense)

2. Interstate 440 over SR 3007 and Southern Railroad in Wake County, set to be part of a widening project that isn’t yet on the calendar.

3. The NC24/87/210 bridge over CSX Railroad and Hillsboro St. in Cumberland County (51 years old, carries 287,000 vehicles a week).

4. The US Highway 17 bridge over New River in Onslow County (64 years old, carries 357,000 vehicles a week).

5. The Housing Conn. Road bridge over US Highway 19/23 in Buncombe County (37 years old, carries 434,000 vehicles a week).

For those in Wake County, that bridge is the one that crosses over Hillsborough Street, over near the Fair Grounds. The one with the railroad tracks. Kinda interested me since it is in my town, though I only cross it maybe once every other week.

You can see the full DOT list, and the full AAA list.

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