Dems Next Plan To Cut And Run

This is their idea of supporting the troops

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats on Saturday touted legislation to guarantee troops time at home between deployments to Iraq.

In the party’s weekly radio address, Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-California, criticized President Bush for threatening to veto the bill, contending his administration’s policies on troop deployments have weakened the military.

"The president’s surge has sent many of our Army units to Iraq for the second and third time. We are asking our troops to make heroic sacrifices — yet as soon as they return we rush them back into battle," said Tauscher, author of the bill that passed the House of Representatives on August 2 on a vote of 229-194.

The measure would require that regular military units returning from the war receive at least as much time at home as they spent in Iraq. Reserve units would get a home stay three times as long as they spent in the war zone.

Looks like they have trotted out a new Surrender Monkey to push for abject defeat. Will wonders never cease?

In all seriousness, how many decades has it been since the Democrats have truly cared about the military other then pawns on their chess board of gaining power? You can liken Democrats to Paris Hilton. Paris is famous for being famous. Democrats want power for power’s sake. Paris got really famous by doing an amateur porn tape. Democrats engage in political porn. And, to push the porn meme a bit farther, at least with porn peddler’s like Larry Flynt, you know what they stand for. The Dems try to disguise their political porn as art.

The military serves two purposes: to be a deterrent, and to fight. All the Democrat posturing and political chess will keep our military from doing either. The only exception is when they have to fight harder against Muslim extremists who are emboldened by the Democrats constant yammering for surrender.

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