Global Warming Today: Dingell Goes Insane

Now, here is the question: is he serious, or just pandering to all the climate change hysterics (who talk the talk, but do not walk the walk)?

( – The chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee this week announced a plan to fight global warming by reducing carbon emissions up to 80 percent by the year 2050. This would be done by raising gasoline taxes 50 cents per gallon and ending mortgage tax deductions on large houses, which the Michigan Democrat called "McMansions."

During town hall meetings in Ann Arbor and in Dearborn, Rep. John Dingell said he will make these proposals as part of a multi-tiered bill he will introduce on Sept. 1 in his committee, which handles legislation dealing with global warming.

Dingell said his measure will call for an economy-wide tax of about $100 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions; a cap-and-trade system that limits emissions but allows companies that pollute beyond their limits to buy credits from industries that produce less than their allotment; and provide extra funding for research on renewable energy.

But the congressman’s most controversial recommendation was to take away the mortgage interest deduction for "McMansions," which he defined as homes larger than 3,000 square feet and which use more energy than smaller houses.

Let’s see. The gas tax and the carbon emissions tax, F*ck You, John! See a mental health professional.

But how will his "McMansions" idea fly? How many Dems and Dem supporters, seemingly all Climahysterics all, will support this idea? Folks like Edwards, Kerry, Kennedy, Soros, Pelosi, the Hollywood kooks? They all have very large homes. I wonder how big Dingell’s house is? Searched the web for 30 minutes, could not find out.

Outside the gatherings, several protesters — many from the left-wing Greenpeace — wore red T-shirts and carried signs criticizing Dingell for his stand on Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, which represents what auto companies in his district support and not the tougher standards environmental groups have demanded.

Hmm. So he is pushing legislation that hurts in areas other then the auto industry. Interesting.

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One Response to “Global Warming Today: Dingell Goes Insane”

  1. John Ryan says:

    6 years ago the price of gas was 1.50 dollars now it is 3 dollars but the Federal tax rate is based on cents per gallon so revenue has been stagnant.
    Would you support ANY tax increase that reduced our oil dependency on muslim oil ?

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