Iraqi’s Still Want To Be Police

Despite all the bombings of police stations and recruiting offices and training centers, Iraqi’s sure want to do their part (as well as have huge cajones)

COMBAT OUTPOST CLEARY, Iraq, Aug. 7, 2007 — It began with a bit of confusion and awkwardness.

Superiors were busy ensuring everything was set, and subordinates asked each other if anybody would show up. At first no one did, and a disappointing silence fell over most of the building. Some wondered if the rest of the day would be the same.

Then, through the large metallic gate, with its rusty handles and desert-sand-colored face, they came.

They came throughout the day, local Iraqis wanting to apply for work at the Salman Pak Iraqi police station during a recruitment drive July 30.

And, all the American military was doing was providing security, as it was the Iraqi policeman who put the whole thing together, and ended up with 59 candidates. Seems like progress is being made, eh?

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One Response to “Iraqi’s Still Want To Be Police”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Well it might be construed as progress if that was what one WISHED to see.
    However, how often have our rosey eyed predictions of the past come true in Iraq We have been hearing about progress for the last 4 years. Simply because people are joining the Iraqi Army or the police has little real meaning unless we can look at what their real motivations are. Is it a paycheck ?
    Is it the right to harass people of different sects ?
    Is it so that we can report some kind of success for our “When the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down” slogan ?

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