UN Climate Change Nutters Go After The Big Nations

Here they go again

(al-Reuters) British economist Nicholas Stern said poor and developing countries also need to participate in a "global deal" to curb the human-made emissions that swaddle the planet like a blanket.

I am sure they will be very receptive to those who are saying "we have ours, you cannot have yours." You might ask them how that DDT banning has worked out.

Stern, author of a path-breaking report last year on the economic consequences of climate change, said the global target for reducing greenhouse gases — notably the carbon dioxide released by coal-fired electric plants and petroleum-powered vehicles — should be a cut 50 percent by 2050.

"Because of reasons of past responsibility and better access to resources, the rich countries should take much bigger objectives than that 50 percent," he said. "They should be looking for around 75 percent cuts."

Considering that most of the people who support the whole "global warming as solely caused by Man" BS refuse to live the life that they tell everyone esle to, I’m guessing this is more of a "feel good" proposition, especially since

The two-day climate meeting at the United Nations, which concludes on Wednesday, is the first of its kind in substance and in style. The gathering is carbon-neutral, with all emissions from air travel and the operation of the U.N. Headquarters building in New York being offset by investment in a biomass fuel project in Kenya.

Say, Nick, how’d you get over to the US, and how are you getting around NYC? Playing a shell game to allow you to live the life you are telling everyong else to give up, eh?

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Of course….. totally impossible for the climate to change !!

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