Former Club G’itmo Vacationer Blows Self Up

Aren’t they the people that Liberals want released on a constant basis? The ones that the ACLU thinks should get American rights, despite not being American’s?

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner wanted for the 2004 kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in Pakistan blew himself up with a grenade during a clash with security forces on Tuesday, officials said.

One-legged Taliban militant Abdullah Mehsud killed himself to avoid capture after troops raided his hideout, interior ministry spokesman Brigadier Javed Cheema told AFP.

"Abdullah Mehsud blew himself up with a grenade and died when security forces raided his hideout. Three of his accomplices were arrested," Cheema said.

Mehsud, 32, became the leader of Pakistani Taliban insurgents based in South Waziristan in 2004, after Pakistani forces launched military operations in the troubled tribal region.

And Bush wants to shut down G’itmo why? Why do we release these guys? We should just find a deserted island somewhere and dump the whole lot, and any others we capture, there. Perhaps we could lease an island in the Bahamas, keep a roving marine interdiction patrol around it. Have fun during hurricanes and tropical storms!

For a more enlightened and rational discussion, see Captain’s Quarters. Though I still like the put them on an island idea best.

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