What Happens When You Negotiate With North Korea?

Well, after you are done giving them something for doing something they were already supposed to be doing to start with, they want more

July 21 (Bloomberg) — North Korea wants light-water reactors in return for dismantling its nuclear weapons program, the North’s top nuclear negotiator told reporters in Beijing after three days of discussions.

"What we are discussing is the existing plan, shutting down disabling and ultimately dismantling the Yongbyon nuclear facility,” Kim told reporters today before he boarded a plane back to Pyongyang. "In order for that to happen, we would require light-water reactors.”

North Korea agreed with the U.S., South Korea, Russia, China and Japan on Feb. 13 to close its Yongbyon reactor, which produced weapons-grade plutonium, and to eventually declare and disable all of its atomic programs in exchange for 1 million tons of oil. The talks this week were aimed at setting a timetable to accomplish the goal.

That is what Kim Jong Ill does. Makes an agreement, then demands even more to keep the agreement.

But, what else could really be done? They have no real economy, and the N. Korean people are already starving and living a life similar to the 16th century. No exports. No products produced. Any more sanctions would accomplish nothing.

Militarily, any strikes could be devastating on South Korea, with Seoul, a city of over ten million people, just 30 miles south of the DMZ, well in the range North Korean missiles.

So it continues to be a game of get Kim do something for some aid, then he demands even more to do what he already agreed to do.

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