Dick Cheney Targeted: Hufftard Thread

By now, most people have heard that Cheney was targeted by the Taliban through a homicide bomber. Sorry, libs Darth Cheney was unhurt. John Hawkins at Right Wing News wrote that the first thing he thought of was to check the DU. My first thought was to check the Hufftard Post. To me, they have taken over the #1 position with the wackiest lefties from the DU and Kos (obviously, bad language is a-commin')

  • "Cheney's spokeswoman said he was fine" Fuck.
  • Geez. You'd think the Taliban would be grateful to Cheney & Co. for diverting off into Iraq and allowing them to regroup and resurge. Ingrates!
  • Shit!
  • So Cheney is personally responsible for the deaths of 14 innocent people…and then he waddles off to lunch!! What a piece of shit! (In Liberal World, it isn't the homocidal terrorist responsibile for the bombing)
  • They missed! Too bad.
  • To bad they missed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You can't kill pure evil. Like an exorcism you have to drive a stake through it. (that makes even less sense then normal)
  • If at first you don't succeed …
  • Better luck next time!
  • Dr Evil escapes again…damn.
  • Sounds like a bullshit attempt. The VP is inside some sort of compound and they blow up a bomb at the front door? Christ, at least lob a few grenades INTO the compound.
  • They missed?? Dammit. I hope they try again before he leaves.

That was just page 1 of the comments. I could go on and on. The comments are at 8 pages as of this time, so, one last one

Calls up images, though, doesn't it? A little black Darth Vader helmet spinning, careening through the air, to fall to earth…..

Can't you just feel the love from those compassionate liberals?

Update: apparently, the Hufftard admins pulled a Pandagon and cleaned up the comments. There had been 8 pages, as I noted above. Now there are 12 comments total. I wonder if I still have the cache on my home PC? Furthermore, they have gone and closed the comments. This happened when the VP went into a hospital in Denver. The loons went nuts, the admins cleaned the comments, and they went right back to their insanity. Maybe old liberals really can learn new tricks!

And more: You can see the cached pages here, via Michelle Malkin, prior to the Pandagoning. I probably have them somewhere on the laptop, but, I'm not quite sure where Firefox stores the files. Oh, well. Material for "Unhinged 2." Michelle is going to have a very big book.

Allahpundit at Hot Air has an interesting analysis, leading from Captain Ed, who wonders if this gives W more political capital to attack the newer terrorist camps along the Pakistan border.

The Anchoress says "If Cheney was killed, they (leftards) would still be mad."

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