Michelle Manhart, Air Force SGT Who Posed Nude, Discharge?

I have to wonder what the motives of the USA Today were. Intentionally misleading/lying? Simply clueless? Flame bait? Traffic bait? Their headline reads "Drill sergeant who posed nude discharged." That couldn't be farther from the truth, as the story itself, taken right from the AP, shows

An Air Force drill sergeant and former Iowa National Guard member who posed nude for Playboy magazine has been removed from active duty, she said Wednesday. Whether that amounts to an honorable discharge, as Michelle Manhart also says, is unclear.

Manhart, who appeared in a six-page spread in Playboy's February issue, said she got word Friday that she was removed from "extended active duty" and was also told that she was demoted in rank from staff sergeant to senior airman.

Manhart said that being removed from duty meant that she reverted to her Air National Guard status and that she submitted a "resignation" to the Guard, which she said is pending. Manhart was a member of the Iowa Air National Guard before going on extended active duty.

Manhart offered The AP a copy of a signed "request and authorization for separation" form that indicates her "character of service" was "honorable." It is not clear whether the form is an official discharge order.

No, it would not be a discharge order, AP and USA Today, at least not one that is coming from the Air Force. She is choosing to ask to leave the military, not visa versa.

With all due respect to her, what did she think would happen when she chose to pose nude in Playboy? Did she think that the Air Force wouldn't notice and take action? Hey, she has the freedom to pose nude, but there are consequences, based on the rules of serving in the Air Force. She should have considered that prior to agreeing to appear.

There are no negative consequences for Tricia Helfer, Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica, appearing in the same issue, unless the people associated with the show have an issue. Generally, being nude in Hollywood is no big deal. Not even sure if she is actually nude. Haven't seen the issue, don't plan on buying it.

As James Joyner wrote Monday

Steven Taylor wonders why Helfer would pose node now, given her success as a serious actress, “One would think that Helfer would prefer to be taken seriously more for her acting talent at this stage of the game, rather than for other aspects of her career.” I suspect the payment was substantial.

And, as a quick glimpse at Google Images will demonstrate, it’s not like Helfer hasn’t been photographed naked before.

Being nude or partially nude is the big thing nowadays for the young crowd, but, that is the subject of another post. Heh! 🙂

Anyhow, the headline just goes to show how wonky the Old Media actually is.


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3 Responses to “Michelle Manhart, Air Force SGT Who Posed Nude, Discharge?”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    All USAF NCO’s know the standards of conduct and for Michelle to lie and play dumb on ignorance & lace, and to pose IN uniform on USAF installations that disgraced the US Air Force – well, see you later and don’t let the main gate hit you on the rump on your way out! I believe she did this on purpose so she could get discharged a lot sooner than she reenlisted for. She could make it in the cock-pits or fly upside down to have crack-up, eh? Michelle is one wild blue yonder type! She is the US Air ‘Farce’ of Texas as well. She may make the cheerleading squads in Dallas or Houston.

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  3. I am quite sure this stunt was planned out. Even a total idiot would have heard of similar circumstances for previous layouts (no pun intended). Maybe she thinks this is her star search or American idol. Judging by the pix in the MSM, this sarge definitely had some PT.

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