Obama Wants To Change America

Why do Lefties always want to change America?

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Barack Obama announced his bid for president Saturday, a black man evoking Abraham Lincoln's ability to unite a nation and a Democrat portraying himself as a fresh face capable of leading a new generation.

"Let us transform this nation," he told thousands shivering in the cold at the campaign's kickoff.

"Transform this nation." To what? Why are those on the left never satisfied with America? They rarely say "let's make America even better, and here are my ideas on how." No, they say "let's change America, because it sucks as it is."

Perhaps you think I am reading too much in to the words of Obama and so many other Lefties. However, rarely do they have a kind word for America. Even when they say "we can do better," what they mean is "let's completely change the makeup of America, cause we suck."

Seriously, how often do you see or hear someone who votes Democrat say anything nice about America?

"He makes you feel like it is possible to change things," Brenda Talkington said.

Like what? From the progressive point of view, everything.

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6 Responses to “Obama Wants To Change America”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    The two year ‘Boy Wonder’ U.S. Senator wants to change America? Abraham Lincoln preserved the ‘Union’ AFTER 1,000,000 casualties occured to northern and southern American forces during his presidency from 1861-1865 during the War For Southern Independence,
    U.S. Civil War and War Between The States. The Party of Obama has the blood of 47 million PRO-CHOICE aborted unborn children on their hands.
    The Party of Obama says it’s AOK to BURN the American Flag as a supposed expression of speech. The party of Obama says gays can marry
    and that marriage IS NOT between a man and a woman. The Party of Obama is SOFT on radical islamofascism and terrorism! The party of Obama wants to take UNDER GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and the TEN COMMANDMENTS from our courtrooms. The Party of Obama wants to take the ‘CHRIST’ from Christmas, and the Nativity Manger Scenes from the public arenas. the Party of Obama doesn’t know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance or The Star-Spangled Banner! The Party of Obama is exactly who the radical Islamic terrorists and Russians and North Koreans and Latin Americans WANT in the White House! Barack Obama – YOU are NO Martin Luther King NOR a John F. Kennedy!!

  2. beth says:

    I just wrote about the same thing …. great minds :)I’ll trackback over here.

    Barack Obama is calling the Australian Prime Minister ‘George Bush’s ally’. Does that mean he’s not an ally of America? Just George Bush? Does that mean he wouldn’t be an ally of Barack Obama?

    That tells us EXACTLY where the division in America is coming from – you know the one that Barack says he’s going to heal.

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    Senator Barack Obama has formally announced his candidacy for president. He is charming, charismatic, fascinating and the fair-haired child for the media and hollywood. In this world of instant communication and televised lives, he has everything neces…

  4. Beat me too it, Beth. I was about to TB back to your post, was playing with the themes.

  5. Scrapiron says:

    Osama Obama wants to change America to another hell hole Islamic nation. The antique MSM is now admitting that he was (which means he is) a member of the Islamic religion. If the answer is that he ‘was’ a member then he is a dead man. They don’t allow conversion.

  6. He would be perfect as the official candidate of the surrender monkey party

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