Spitting On A Wounded Soldier

Many of you have heard about the wonden soldier who claims he was spit on during the weekend anti-war anti-American "peace" rally. Now, more from his local paper, the Fayetteville Observer

Cpl. Joshua Sparling of the 82nd Airborne is fed up with anti-war protesters.

So the 25-year-old amputee hobbled on crutches right into their midst Saturday to give them a piece of his mind. Tens of thousands of activists protesting U.S. involvement in Iraq descended upon the National Mall in Washington.

Sparling and about 40 other counterprotesters joined them.

“The streets were packed, there was no doubt about that,” he says. “We were over by the sidewalk, they were in the road. The police had cordoned us off.”

Sparling says the peace protestors were anything but peaceful. He was called names, cussed at and physically threatened, he says.

“The majority were being negative to us,” he says. “A minority were just walking by and saying, ‘peace.’ ”

On Tuesday morning, he was telling his story on “Fox & Friends,” the FoxNews network’s morning show. He told the Fox anchors that he was spit on. (He denies a report in the New York Times that he spit back.)

I am not surprised in the least. Surely, more of these activities, the spitting, the name calling, the abuse, will become more commonplace from the Left, who care more for those we are fighting against then for the US Military and the USA.

So, how do some on the Left, who say they "support the troops but not the war," feel? Let's check the comments at Media Matters, after a post refutting what Starling stated

  • Must be post traumatic stress syndrome- he should get help for that. As far as Fox.. they have no excuse for taking advantage of a veteran that is clearly mentally ill.
  • I agree Tommy.  You are 100% correct. The issue here is also that Sparling is L Y I N G.
  • "These are not Americans as far as I'm concerned." First they lie, then they take away your citizenship (for the entire continent, great geography skills, but that is a different issue).Next they will be shipping you off to the concentration camps in Guantanamo. 
  • Is the last one filmed by Sparling? Man, if he  handles a gun anything like he does a camera, he's lucky he only lost a leg.
  • I think you should have a problem with the "counter protest" that is BS. If you want to protest for a cause then schedule your own day., it is not legitimate to taunt, insult and shout over people who are doing their protest. If you feel strongly, schedule your own day and march down the street with the 20 other people that agree with you. Showing up at someone else's protest is just looking for trouble. But I would like to say, great job finding those videos. I think the guy is lying.
  • Joshua Sparling…  Calling Joshua Sparling…Just wanted to let you know, Josh, that you have about 30 seconds left of your fifteen minutes of fame.  Make the best of it, dude…
  • Cpl. Sparling lost a leg in Iraq and he is out to make money from his injury. Every American soldier, wounded or not, should form their own protest group against this coward who is using our soldiers as his potential road to fame and riches. Shame on you Corporal. You have a right to protest but do not be part of a group that confronts an opposing view. As mentioned above form your own march and do it.
  • Sparling attended the recent State of the Union address.  He sat next to Lynne Cheney. He is not just some ordinary vet; he's another Bush operative, willing to play games with truth and accountability in order to manipulate the American people's emotions, to deflect blame for the Bush admin's mistakes by playing the wounded victim of the villainous Left.

If you think about it, if you have ever spent time at the DU, Kos, or Hufftard Post, you will know that is tame by liberal standards. He is mentally ill, he is lying, he is a coward, etc, and you have to love the one which states that he has no right to counter protest. Those on the Left prove once again that the 1st Amendment seemingly applies only to them.

Look, people have a Right to free speech and to peaceably protest the government for redress of grevience. But, they also have a duty and a responsibility for their words and/or actions, and what the outcomes of them are. It's called being an adult. If you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and smearing the very people who provide the blanket of security that allows you to have free speech and protest, then you either haven't thought it through, or, you just do not care.

How about two opposing views? Here at Hooah Wife and Friends, posted by brainhell, and here, at Blue Star Chronicles. You decide which is political pandering and which isn't.

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  1. and people wonder why I chose “hippie” as one of my key words for getting my poochies prepared to slip into berserker mode.

  2. Don’t question their patriotism, though. Snicker.

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