Bush-McCain Agree On Belly Rubs

Apparently, all the techniques the CIA wanted were approved:

The officers told ABC News there was a list of six progressively harsher techniques that were authorized, with the prisoner always handcuffed.

The first — the attention grab, involving the rough shaking of a prisoner.

Second — the attention slap, an open-handed slap to the face.

Third — belly slap, meant to cause temporary pain, but no internal injuries.

Fourth — long-term standing and sleep deprivation, 40 hours at least, described as the most effective technique.

Fifth — the cold room. Prisoners left naked in cells kept in the 50s and frequently doused with cold water.

The CIA sources say the sixth, and harshest, technique  was called "water boarding," in which a prisoner's face  was covered with cellophane, and water is poured over it (pictured above) — meant to trigger an unbearable gag reflex.

The seventh is a combination of several others, where a cold beer is placed on the belly of the interrogatee.

Thanks to Jay at Stop The ACLU for the hat tip. You really should go over and read the rest.

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