Dems: Glass Is Always Empty

Back on September 8th, and actually, before that, I reported on Iraqi's taking over their forces. Well, of course, a Proggy (progressive), has to have a little hissy fit

I must take issue with the headline on page 3A of the Sept. 8 paper, "Iraq takes control of military." The second paragraph of the AP article states that Iraq now has authority "for one of Iraq's 10 divisions…"

So, shouldn't the headline have read "Iraq takes control of 10 percent of military?"

Of course, the letter writer had to be from Chapel Hill. Libs just cannot be happy with progress. It kills them.

Imagine the headline some point in the next year or 2: Iraqi's in full control of their security

President Bush announced today that, with the Iraq government in full control of their military and security forces, that the United States and its Coalition partners would be leaving Iraq, leaving only a token force behind for rapid deployment.

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement: "It is about time that President Bush has acknowledged his failed policy in Iraq and is pulling our troops out of that quagmire."

Anyone care to tell me I am wrong?

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