WTW: That Darn Human Rights Watch

Morning, y'all. Prophet Sallami Sallami here. And, I just have to say how disappointed I am that the infidels at Human Rights Watch have taken Israel's side:

Human Rights Watch on Monday criticized the new UN Human Rights Council for its one-sided attacks on Israel and disproportionate attention to the Middle East.

The statement also pointed out that in the meetings that have occurred since the council was created in March, it has adopted three resolutions on "human rights abuses and violations of humanitarian law" by Israel. But, the organization noted, it "has ignored the responsibilities and roles of other parties in the Middle East, including Hizbullah and Palestinian armed groups, who have committed violations."

It continued, "In taking a one-sided approach, the council failed in its duty to act to protect the rights of all citizens in the region."

It is despicable that the Zionists and infidels have taken this heavy handed approach to the wonderful United Nations Human Rights Council, as the actions of the UN HRC are completely right. Every Believer knows that it is Israel, along with their American neocon lapdogs, who are responsible for every ill in the world, especially since 1/20/2001.

The peace loving Muslims of the world know that Israel must be destroyed, along with Christian churches, to achieve true peace.

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