WTW: Dems On Iran’s Side

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here. Why am I not surprised that the DUmmies take the side of Iran and their president?

To set it up,

Iran's hard-line president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made an unbridled attack last night on the foreign policies of Britain and America and in particular the invasion of Iraq.

In remarks that will infuriate the Bush administration and London and were clearly aimed at the two allies, he said the United Nations Security Council was being abused "as an instrument of threat and coercion".

America and Britain have been trying to rally the Security Council to confront Iran over its nuclear ambitions. But in his fiery address, Mr Ahmadinejad savaged the "occupiers" of Iraq.

Of course, he shouldn't be speaking at the UN, his country should be the subject of Security Council debates for sanctions, I reckon.

But, can the DUmmies let go of their Bush Derangement Syndrome for just a moment to condemn or even acknowledge the danger of a nuclear armed Iran? A few can, but, the rest? Don't bet on it

  • *Newsflash: THE BLIVET is a jerk, leaving the US seats empty. Nice  effort, you pompous idiot,exhibiting how your diplomacy works. (diplomacy with rogue nations headed by a former kidnapper of US citizens. Great,)
  • *What a topsy-turvey, looking-glass world we inhabit……when the President of Iran looks like the greater statesman. I wish David Copperfield could make our whole country disappear, to hide our shame. (Iran better, and a "I hate the US")
  • *EVERYONE knows what kind of f*ck-ups are in the US Gov't……Someone has to take a stand against the dominist. I am not saying that the Iranian leader is grand or anything but for fucks sake, if another country does not take a stand against the GOP who will?

    Also note that BushCo has no interest in dialog with Iran or Syria for that matter, the GOP is a Warmongering Party full of Dominist. As someone stated earlier on another post, of all the countries to have Nuclear Arms, who was the one that dropped 2 on Japan when they did not have too?  (we're bad, ya know. Though, maybe I shouldn't say the DUers are part of the USA)

Aren't they cute? They prefer the words of the Iranian president, who, BTW, is purging liberals, over the President of the USA. Figures.


  • *NNN0LHI  Lets cut to the chase here with Iran The leaders of Iran would be crazy if they didn't covet nuclear weapons.

    We are currently occupying just about every country surrounding Iran while while stealing their natural resources as fast as we can steal them and killing anyone who gets in our way in the process.

    If they don't acquire a credible nuclear deterrent we will be coming to steal their oil and gas too in a jiffy. And we will torture and/or kill any Iranian man, woman or child who gets in our way while doing this.

    The people in Iran know this. They aren't idiots. They are pragmatists.

Little Buddy is back for the DUmmies

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2 Responses to “WTW: Dems On Iran’s Side”

  1. Mike says:

    It’s a great strategy, isn’t it? If you were the leader of Iran, which path would you choose, after all? a) Address the issue that’s got the rest of the world starring at you, or b) try to shift everyone’s attention by talking about the US — clearly the source of all that is evil.


    I don’t know, I figure that the average Iranian will do as much to go against the US as is required and doesn’t involve more thank walking a bit with a sign (in English) they can’t read. Invade, however, and then it’s not us “unfairly favoring Israel”, it’s us taking over their country. Then they’d get pissed. Or, at least, I expect they would.

  2. It is a good plan, Mike. Mahmoud repeats democratic talking points and gets the media to fawn all over him. Meanwhile, they ignore an extremist Islamic state, who is a large supporter of terrorism, while they attempt to make nuclear weapons. That is not some sort of half baked intelligence assesment, but the stated goal of Iran.

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