Chuck Schumer: Let’s Curtail Freedom

While looking for a news release regarding Chuck's statement after President W's speech on G'itmo, the detainees, et al (he started yapping on about Constitutional rights for the detainees, who, as those with a full deck know, are not American citizens) I ran across this story.

In it, he is whining about security for the State of New York. He has obviously forgetten, in his deranged partisan zeal, that a. New York can provide some of those services, and b. he can actually introduce legislation on the Senate floor.

Be that as it may, this really stands out to moi

The senator argued more global positioning satellite tracking for the millions of trucks on the nation's highways, a federally directed plan for boosting security at chemical plants, and greatly expanding bomb detection devices for transportation systems.

Now, I do not know about you, but to me, that sounds quite a bit like an invasion of privacy. It also sounds like a violation of the Fourth Amendment. For someone who has constantly complained about all the freedoms taken away by the Bush administration with no examples or proof, he sure knows how to violate the Constitution himself, eh?

While I understand his cause, where do we draw the line?

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2 Responses to “Chuck Schumer: Let’s Curtail Freedom”

  1. scrapiron says:

    If Fitz want to redeem his rep he will indict Wilson, Plame, the NYT and Chucky Schumer for lying to the congress and for delibertly trying to destroy the president (by lying) and along with him the country. Schumer has became a pitiful excuse for a human being. Since NY had to import a hillbillie from Ark for one senator will they continue to reelect a definate moron (Schumer)? Evidently there are no qualified people in NY.

  2. Schumer is an embarassment

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