Sneezy Hates Liberals: Will They Now Renounce Iran?

We all know that the Liberals have taken a shine to Iran and their American hostage taken president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (just call him Sneezy). Partly because of their virulent anti-American attitudes, partly because of their irrational Bush hatred, and partly because they root for terrorists. But, will this change their minds?

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran's hard-line president urged students Tuesday to push for a purge of liberal and secular university teachers, another sign of his determination to strengthen Islamic fundamentalism in the country.

With his call echoing the rhetoric of the nation's 1979 Islamic revolution, Ahmadinejad appears determined to remake Iran by reviving the fundamentalist goals pursued under the republic's late founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

And, when they say purging, they aren't just talking about firing them. Concrete shoes. Cyanide. T.N.T. Done Muzzie cheap. Ooh! Neckties. Contracts. High voltage! Done Muzzie cheap. 

Maybe they will get it through their silly little divorced from reality heads that some people really are bad, and you cannot reason or talk with them. When Sneezy says he wants to destroy Israel adn institute harsh Islamic lawm, he ain't kidding.

Iran still has strong moderate factions but Ahmadinejad's administration also has launched crackdowns on independent journalists, Web sites and bloggers.

Ban me, you slimy piece of shat on Mohammeds heal! Come on, do it, Sneezy! Maybe this will help

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3 Responses to “Sneezy Hates Liberals: Will They Now Renounce Iran?”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Iran’s little Hitler is at it again but not to worry, the democrats will bury their heads in the sand, na, up each others butt and deny anything a terrorists does is wrong. They are exactly like Europe in the 30’s, deny everything until hundreds of thousands are killed and then wonder what the he** happened. Of course they can always blame it on Bush, like they’re doing on Korea today, Give them billions of dollars in the nineties and they used it effectively to develop nuclear weapons. DAD’s (Dumb A** Democrats) one and all and they blame it on someone else.

  2. Web Reconnaissance for 09/06/2006…

    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention….

  3. Cannot expect much else from them. Appeasement is in their blood.

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