WTW: US Military Hates Muslims

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here. And, you know that they must hate them, or so the Braying Asses say. You know, after the entire military strolled through Abu Ghraib and G'itmo, taking turns beating prisoners and making them do nude pyramids, tearing up Korans and flushing them, blowing up mosques for a hoot……you mean they didn't do those things? They are being respectful to the Muslims in an attempt to not only win hearts and minds, but to be good people? Who knew?

In honor of Ramadan, the Jalalabad Provincial Reconstruction Team donated prayer rugs and 75 Holy Qu’rans to the Nangarhar Office of the Hajj and Mosque on Aug. 31.

“We wanted to show our respect to Islam, the Director of Hajj and the people of Nangarhar and felt that offering these sacred gifts in honor of the upcoming month of Ramadan would show that we respect the religion and culture of the people,“ said Lt. Col. Dave Naisbitt, the PRT commander. “It’s a sign of good faith and respect for the upcoming fast and religious time.”

So, instead of being the bloodthirsty killers, torturers, terrorists, and rapists, as the Democrats say they are, the military is going straight to the heart of the matter, and showing that they are working to win the hearts and minds of Muslims. Sure, there are always going to be a few bad eggs in the basket, but, such is life.

If only the Braying Asses would spend some time trying to help, instead of tearing the mission down. But, asking them to stop with their surrender talk would be like asking them to not fill out countless petitions. Not going to happen.

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